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Inmate Recaptured, 4 Still at Large

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Jaden Fletcher… recaptured

MAYARO – POLICE have recapture one of the five inmates who escaped from the Youth Transformation and Rehabilitation Centre on October 3.

Jaden Fletcher, 15, was recaptured at an abandoned house in Mayaro on Sunday by Constables Ramkissoon, Rampersad, Charles and Sarabajit of the Mayaro Police Station.

The four other inmates are still at large and a reward of $50,000 each is being offered for their recapture.

Still at large are Darren Scot, Dillano Marcano, Brian Seepersad and Anthony Ramsumair.

Anyone with information can contact 999, 911, 555, 800-TIPS or any police station or text or WhatsApp 482-GARY.

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