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McDonald Common-law Husband Still Can’t Secure His Bail

PORT-OF-SPAIN – CORRUPTION accused Michael Carew, the long-time companion of former public administration minister Marlene McDonald, is still to access the bail he was granted last week Monday. Carew, 72, McDonald, 61, as well as Wayne Anthony, 66, Victor McEachrane, 65 and Edgar Zephyrine, 75, have been charged with corruption and money laundering offences and […]Read More

McDonald Being Investigated for Alleged Corruption

GOVERNMENT Minister Marlene McDonald is being question about alleged corruption. This was confirmed in a statement on Thursday by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS). It stated: ” Police officers investigating alleged corruption offences have arrested and taken into custody, Government Minister Marlene McDonald and her husband for questioning. They detained earlier today, Thursday […]Read More