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 Sando TSTT Workers Refuse Temperature Testing on Foreheads

TSTT compound at Cipero Road, San Fernando

Sando TSTT Workers Refuse Temperature Testing on Foreheads

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WORKERS of the TSTT Cipero Work Centre in San Fernando are refusing to be tested with a temperature gun aimed at their foreheads.

Some employees who did not take the test were sitting in a shed outside the compound on Tuesday morning.

Secretary General of the Communications Workers’ Union Clyde Elder said the employees were not refusing to work but just don’t want temperature testing on their forehead area.

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He said this testing causes a number of psychological problems as videos circulating showed that it may affect the pineal gland.

Elder said whether this was true or not, the issue was that workers do not want a gun pointed at their foreheads.

Clyde Elder

He said before the Covid-19 pandemic some workers were held up at gun point and pointing the temperature gun at them affected them psychologically.

One of the workers who was refusing to be tested said, “Nobody want a temperature gun pointed at their head. That will frustrate anybody. And what if they go out and are tested a number of times on their forehead for the day?”

Elder said the workers have agreed to take the test on their wrists.

He said TSTT has said that the most reliable testing was done on the forehead as approved by the World Health Organization.

Elder said he was in the process of drafting a letter of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Roshan Parasram so “he can tell us what is acceptable.” contacted TSTT communications department is still waiting on a response.

The workers who have not been scanned have be told that they cannot leave the compound even if they have to go out to do their jobs.

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