NTA Slams No Election Observers

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THE refusal by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to have international observers oversee the upcoming local government election is being seen as hypocrisy by the National Transformation Alliance (NTA).

This is especially as he himself had made a similar request which was granted when he was Opposition Leader in 2015.


In a statement on Thursday, NTA said, “Asserting that when others are in government, we need observers, but when he is in government, we don’t, is delusional at best, since the very tenet of democracy is that rules and conventions must apply equally to all. 

“It is very disturbing as well, since there is no logical reason to not have observers, unless he has something that he wants to hide,” the party headed by political leader Gary Griffith added.


NTA stated that Dr Rowley should have been more concerned with allaying the fears of citizens who might feel his postponement of the local government election in the first place was undemocratic and could be seen as dictatorial.

“For these reasons, we at the National Transformation Alliance support the call for international observers for the upcoming local government election, as it’s the right, decent, morally correct, and democratic thing to do,” NTA said.


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