‘Jackhammer’ Midnight 6.2 Earthquake Rocks Trinidad

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By Chantalé Fletcher

A 6.2  magnitude earthquake was felt across several parts of Trinidad just before midnight on Saturday.

According to the University of the West Indies (UWI)  Seismic Research Centre, the earthquake was recorded at 11.58 pm on Saturday.

It was located at 10.83 °N and 62.37 °W with a depth of 46 km.


The tremor was recorded 119 km, NW of San Fernando and 97 km and  WNW of Port of Spain and 97 km ENE in nearby Carúpano, Venezuela.

Citizens throughout the country took to social media highlighting their locations in which they experienced the quake.


Some areas include Vance River, Point Fortin, Cedros, Siparia, San Fernando, Chaguanas, St Augustine, Arima, Arouca, Glencoe, San Juan,  Claxton Bay, Diego Martin, Cumoto, Sangre Grande, Santa Cruz,  Mayaro, and even Tobago.

Persons in neighbouring St Vincent and the Grenadines and even in Grenada also reported they felt the tremor.

AZP News spoke briefly with  two persons who shared their experiences via phone.

Mother Sarah of Santa Cruz described the quake as “a jackhammer pulsating through the ground.”

She said, “I had just come inside from my palais, when I felt the whole place vibrating. Next thing, electricity went in a flash and came back. Despite everything, I wasn’t afraid and began praying.”


Mother Sarah called on people to start to develop a relationship with God, to unite and love one another.

Meanwhile, Santa Rosa Heights, Michal Ross said he woke up feeling the violent shakes and immediately went to check on his autistic daughter.

Ross said, “Upon entering the room, she was already running out, screaming.  I held onto my baby girl soothing her while comforting myself. This was the scariest 35 seconds of my life.”

He questioned whether Trinidad and Tobago was truly prepared for a natural disaster.

For the month of June, there has since been at least five recorded earthquakes with Saturday’s tremor being the largest magnitude of 6.2


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