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 Haynes: Virtual Media Should be Used for Transparency

Anita Haynes. Photo: T&T Parliament

Haynes: Virtual Media Should be Used for Transparency

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By Chantalé Fletcher

VIRTUAL media can be a useful tool.

This according to Opposition MP Anita Haynes during the United National Congress (UNC) virtual media brief on Wednesday afternoon.

Haynes was responding to a question posed by on whether the virtual media conferences has restricted the functions of the media.

She said, “It ought not to be as we conceptualise and conceive how we consume media in the post-pandemic world and as we organise ourselves.

“The presence of virtual media conferences or the presence of virtual media should mean an increased access which should allow for more people to be able to access information.”

However, the Opposition MP explained that in terms of use, it could be very dangerous especially with the issue of muted microphones.

Haynes made reference of an executive who is willing and able to flex their ‘muscles’ to exclude.

She said “It is an important tool, but it is how the tool is utilised.”

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The MP said, “Those operating the tools need to be committed to transparency and accountability and that’s the only way for it to work properly and for the benefit of the people of this country.”

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