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 Easter Shows Loyalty of Women

Rev Joy Abdul-Mohan. Photo: Trinidad Presbyterian

Easter Shows Loyalty of Women



THE Easter Story shows that women display loyalty beyond their need for personal security.

This is the statement from Moderator of the Presbyterian Church The Right Reverend Joy Abdul-Mohan on the occasion of Easter.

She said, “Women witnesses, therefore, constitute evidence that this resurrection narrative is true.

“The women displayed a kind of devotion and loyalty that went beyond their need for personal security and safety as women have done throughout the centuries.”

Abdul-Mohan said the Gospel of Mark noted that Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome bought spices and went to the tomb of Jesus.

She said they put their lives in jeopardy because Jesus was seen as a criminal and therefore any association with him was dangerous.

Abdul-Mohan said, “Any association with Jesus, dead or alive, would cast doubts upon a person’s own innocence.

“Despite this the women went to the tomb. The willingness of these women to take the risk and to proceed with the anointing is a sign of great devotion and loyalty to Jesus.

“It is worthy to note, that these women served as witnesses to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, in contrast to the male disciples, who fled when Jesus was arrested and in contrast to Peter, who denied Jesus three times.

“Having women serve as witnesses is unusual, because Jewish law does not accept women as witnesses in legal proceedings.”

She said the resurrection of Jesus Christ brought about a great transformation in the lives of the disciples and subsequently in the affairs of men and women “like you and me.”

Abdul-Mohan said everybody was fearful about something.

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She added, “Fearful of this pandemic, fearful that they may not live to see their children grow up because of heinous crimes and violence against humanity, fear of death, fear that they will be hurt by friends and family, fear that they might lose their jobs, fear that they will not accomplish much in life; fear of losing a friend if they speak the truth, and fear that the truth will offend and cause upheaval.

“Everyone of is a hostage of fear. But Jesus says, in Matthew 28, ‘do not be afraid, you have nothing to fear. I am with you always to the end of the age.’”

The moderator said these were the empowering words of Easter – “Freedom from fear is the achievement of the resurrection.

“Jesus took away the fear of death when he rose from the dead and had victory over the grave and death, giving everlasting life to all who believe.”



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