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 Bayside/Cocorite: Same Area Different Laws

By Alicia Chamely

Bayside/Cocorite: Same Area Different Laws

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By Alicia Chamely

I would like to thank Samantha Ramischand aka samimami303 aka Private Beach Karen for ushering in a new wave of hilarious memes and videos.

Her shameless “private beach” flex and vapid boo hoo for you attitude has inspired a series of spoof videos, that I swear will have you doubled over in laughter.

Normally, I would feel bad for anyone who has become the laughing stock of a nation, but Private Beach Karen deserves every heckle and insult thrown at her.
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She especially deserved that buff up from our usually pleasant/frustrated Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh, who referred to her as the “worst of Trinidad and Tobago.”

Damn girl, need some ice for that burn?

Beyond providing us with comedic material, Ramischand brought out into the open the vicious under current of classism that sweeps through our society.
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Ramischand’s display of not only legal ignorance (there are no private beaches in TT) but complete disregard of the law (because, you know she’s better than us peasants) comes on the heels of the outrage expressed by the general public regarding a “private” poolside party held at by equally entitled residents of Bayside Towers, Cocorite.

Saltwater, river water and liming runs in our veins as Trinbagonians and the majority of us are adhering to Covid-19 restrictions.

So imagine how enraged most of us were when we saw pictures of a group dressed in their finest bumcy floss from the Kardashian collection, strolling around a pool, having a jolly old time splashed all over social media.

In this case, building security was called and failed to break up the party. The police visited twice and according to their press release were met with “arrogance and aggression.”

I guess the party goers were so arrogant and aggressive; our big bad boys in blue had no choice but to walk away.

Not a ticket, not a warning, nor a slap on the wrist. The party guests rolled their eyes, adjusted their thongs and continued partying in peace with the belief that thanks to their economic status the law doesn’t apply to them.

This is a stark contrast to what action was taken against a group of young boys from Cocorite, who at the start of the year decided to take a dip during the first round of lockdown.
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These boys were handcuffed, thrown in a police bus, and made to apologise on video. While they were not charged or ticketed, they were humiliated and in essence painted as a group of “pests”.

So why was one punished and the other excused?

Why was Ramischand confident she could broadcast her and her family’s law breaking behavior without fear of any legal ramification?

It’s simple – our laws allow for loopholes that those with higher financial means can easily slide through.

Regarding the Bayside kerfuffle, the silicone posse got off because the laws are not clear regarding the Public Health Ordinance’s stance on private communal property.
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Ramischand, who is so #blessed, used the “private property” argument in her vapid humble brag.

Naturally the majority of the public is pissed, rich, poor and everyone in between. So we looked to our brave Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith who in April let us all know he will come onto our private property if he needs too.

Sadly, Griffith has backed down from his former threats and instead threw shade at the Government for their shaky laws.

Prime Minister Keith Rowley, in one of his customary Saturday speeches, dismissed Griffith’s legal hesitation to open a can of justice on these law breakers.
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He implied that Griffith was wrong and all law breakers should be treated the same.

In essence he is right; the laws of the land should apply to everyone, including the privileged. It should not be different strokes for different folks.

It is however up to the Government to ensure that these laws are balanced and as airtight as possible.

You cannot use the excuse of hoping people will let common sense prevail and act accordingly in areas where laws are vague; because there will always be those who think they are above the law and if you give them an inch they will take a mile.

All I can say is that our law makers need to get their lives in order and ensure the law applies to all. As for me, I am staying home, the only lawyer friend I have is the type of friend who will tell me “you made your mess, clean that s*&t up on your own.”

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