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Limitation Time to Sue Extended

  In June of this year, I wrote about the Limitations of Certain Actions Act, Chapter 7:09 (hereinafter called “the Limitation Act”), which sets out a time limit to file lawsuits born out of issues of contract law or torts such as negligence matters. Section 3(1) of the Limitation Act implements a four-year time limit […]Read More

Covid-19 Makes Suing Challenging

THE Covid-19 crisis in Trinidad and Tobago began with our first case being recorded on March 12, 2020. Shortly thereafter, life more or less grounded to a halt. Everyone who wished to file a new lawsuit were caught in this net. In order to protect its staff and the public, the judiciary only allowed new […]Read More

What Does Statute Barred Mean

  By Ravi Nanga IN past articles we explored various types of remedies that a person may wish to pursue. This week we propose to examine limitation periods or what is commonly referred to as “a matter being statute barred.” What this simply means is that where a person suffers some loss and that person […]Read More

Saving your Small Business from Debt

By NEELA RAMSUNDAR   Running a small business is no walk in the park. It takes sacrifice, courage and astute management of risk. When the time comes to reap the rewards, the last thing you want to face is unpaid debts. It destabilises your capacity for growth and if left unchecked can spiral your business […]Read More