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How a Virtual High Court Trial Works

DESPITE all the talk of a potential new vaccine for the novel coronavirus, I fear Covid-19 is going to be around for years to come. In previous articles, I wrote about one of the new normal in court matters being virtual hearings (hearings being conducted via computer using Microsoft Teams, which is something like Skype). […]Read More

Are Dashcams Legal in T&T?

  DRIVING home last Friday evening was a chore. Standstill traffic. I was forced to make a detour that doubled my driving time. It was a long week. I was tired and felt irritated. The next day, a video began making the rounds on social media showing the reason for the traffic … a reckless […]Read More

6 New Covid Measures in T&T Courts 

  IT’S barely more than seven months since we recorded the first case of Covid-19 on our shores. We’re experiencing different stages of weariness from the extreme protective measures being taken to prevent the transmission of this deadly virus. There is no end in sight… for the moment. The judiciary has had to adapt very […]Read More

How To Become an Attorney in T&T

  SEA results have been released! Thousands of our countries young minds remain to be shaped and moulded into whatever they aspire to be as adults. When I was that age, I (eventually) figured out I wanted to be a lawyer. So for those who might be thinking along the same line, in this week’s […]Read More

Limitation Time to Sue Extended

  In June of this year, I wrote about the Limitations of Certain Actions Act, Chapter 7:09 (hereinafter called “the Limitation Act”), which sets out a time limit to file lawsuits born out of issues of contract law or torts such as negligence matters. Section 3(1) of the Limitation Act implements a four-year time limit […]Read More

When Property Owners Don’t Agree

  MULTIPLE owners for one piece of property is a common occurrence. Unfortunately, just like having too many cooks in the kitchen, this sometimes fail to work out when the owners can’t agree on how the property is to be shared, managed or put to use. Frequently too, one co-owner occupies the entire property to […]Read More

Understanding Your Last Will and Testament

  YOUR last will and testament is a long phrase for that document you use to dictate who gets what of your belongings (called your “estate”) when you die. If you choose to have a will done, there are a few rules you need to follow for it to be valid. I’ve already discussed the […]Read More

Is Wearing Face Masks an Instrument of Oppression?

  WORLDWIDE the year 2020 has seen unprecedented measures being used to combat Covid-19. Many involve curtailing essential human civil liberties, such as freedom of movement being restricted with country-wide lockdowns. Wearing facemasks in public and social distancing are now called “the new normal”. Various countries around the world differ in their approach, but a […]Read More

How to Recover Your Bad Debt Via The Court

  BAD debts happen all the time. Someone owes you money but doesn’t pay. It could be a friend who just needed a bligh, a customer who took goods on credit but stopped paying or a client you performed a service for, then refuses to pay. Fast forward to the point where you sue the […]Read More

Part Two: Red Flags when Buying Land

  LAST time, I wrote about some red flags to beware of when buying land in Trinidad and Tobago. In retrospect, there are many more red flags I ought to have mentioned to make readers more alert to the pervasiveness of fraud and dishonesty with land transactions. I’ll be adding more red flags in this […]Read More