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The Appeal Process in the Courts

  By Ravi Nanga THIS article will examine the appeals process. In the event a person has reason to file an action in court in order to pursue a remedy for a wrong that they have suffered, depending on the value of the claim, the matter will be heard and determined by either a magistrate […]Read More

Protecting Court Users in Covid-19

  MONDAY June 15, 2020 marks the date when many of the Covid-19 measures taken by judiciary to protect users of the Courts will be relaxed. Normal physical court hearings, filings of documents and in person attendance at the court buildings are generally set to resume. No doubt, Covid-19 has seeded the launch from a […]Read More

A Brief Look at Employment Law in Trinidad and Tobago

  By Ravi Nanga THIS week I will look briefly at contracts of employment. As with any contract, you can have a written contract or an oral contract. Such contracts will contain the terms and conditions of a person’s employment and define the rights and obligations of the employer and employee. There can be individual […]Read More