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Commentary: Mamma’s Wisdom is no Dead Horse

By FAYAD ALI AS a child my mother used various methods to teach me. There were limited resources available, but she made do with what we had. My reading book, novels, old newspapers and a dictionary helped the mastery of the language. They all aided me to build the foundations of reading, writing, comprehension and […]Read More

Commentary: Teachers are Fed-up Taking all the Blame

FAYAD ALI I belong to the beautiful country of Trinidad and Tobago and I am a staunch advocate for the gift of education being made available to all. Each one of us is offered the same opportunity. But, it is alarming to note that the people who are doing the actual educating and those who […]Read More

Commentary: The Happiest People Make the Most of Everything

By FAYAD ALI I would like each person present here to think carefully and to ponder over a few simple questions that I shall pose to you. I shall choose five of them. They are not trick questions. These are just ordinary, routine, everyday questions, and, each one has a simple, straightforward answer. Name the […]Read More

#1 Ingredient for Students’ Success: Parental Support

By FAYAD ALI A survey was conducted by me (during postgraduate studies) in a top-achieving school on factors responsible for students’ success. “Parental/guardian support” was number one, “peer tutoring” and “teacher support’ came after. Later the students were asked to explain why this was so. “Does Mom explain quantum mechanics and does Dad simplify the […]Read More

Opinion: This is What We Choose, Yet We Complain About

By FAYAD ALI Let us look at what appeals to the TV audience and why it erodes our morals, ethics, family values, and the very fabric of our society. First of all, they make us believe that socialisation occurs when the child’s value emerges from their sexual appeal or behavior and this, much to the […]Read More