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How to Get a Divorce

  By Ravi Nanga THIS article will examine an unfortunate but a very real topic – divorce. In the event a couple gets married and they realise that the marriage is not working out, rather than stay married, it is possible that the marriage can be brought to an end by means of a divorce. […]Read More

Part Two: Shutting the Door – A Simplified Guide about

  By NEELA RAMSUNDAR THE last article on this topic set out in a nutshell how to go about getting a divorce. This week, I’m going to expand some more on the ground for divorce. Quick recap: There is only one ground for divorce in Trinidad and Tobago, that your marriage has broken down irretrievably […]Read More

Shutting the Door – A Simplified Guide about Divorce

By NEELA RAMSUNDAR   Thinking about tying the knot? Or wondering how to get out of a marital blooper? It may surprise you to know that sometimes it’s easier, (and perhaps cheaper) to get divorced than it is to get married. Our laws do not permit an application for a divorce (called a petition for […]Read More