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Former Chaguanas Mayor says He’ll Support a Boycott of Price Plaza

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A former mayor of Chaguanas says he will support a boycott of Price Plaza in Endeavour in Chaguanas.

Dr Surujrattan Rambachan made the statement on his Facebook page on Monday after one of Price Plaza’s biggest customers – MovieTowne – closed its doors for good.

MovieTowne’s founder Derek Chin said the decision was made due to the Covid-19 pandemic and “difficulty with the landlord.”
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In his post Dr Rambachan said Chin brought a whole new definition of family leisure to the borough and introduced standards of customer satisfaction that were comparable to the best internationally.

He said, “As an entrepreneur he took the risk of investing in Chaguanas and in particular a cinema when people were arguing that the days of cinema were over.

“It was the experience he provided that mattered to people and they were willing to pay premium prices for it.

“I am personally saddened by its closure since it means that a lot of other businesses would be affected along with job losses. Price Plaza had benefitted from the generosity of the people of central without equivalent commitment to the development of Central.”
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Dr Rambachan said the current economic situation should have evoked a greater level of empathy by the owners of the mall.

He said the owners should have demonstrated a higher level of corporate social behavior.

Dr Rambachan added, “It will be interesting if the people of Central were to Boycott the other businesses at the Plaza to show their displeasure at what has happened.

“I will Support such a boycott.

“When you live by the goodwill of a community you must have a heart for the people who make you successful.”





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